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RPG Rewards

If you're playing in either of our weekly RPG programs (Beginner's D&D or RPG Campaigns), you can get in-game rewards for shopping in store! When you make a purchase just before or during the event, you can collect a reward card, redeemable within that night's session. Just hand the reward card to your GM when you're ready to use it - but don't wait too long, these cards are good for one night only!

In most games*, your purchases will earn you the following reward cards:

Where possible, we strongly encourage coming up with a narrative reason for your character having an improved roll! Your GM may also decline the use of a reward card on particularly critical dice rolls where the benefit of the reward (or multiple rewards from different players) would have a significant, unusual, or negative impact on the game or the balance of the adventure.

Finally, here's the fine print:

  • No player can receive more than one reward card per session.
  • Purchases made in the last half an hour of the session are not eligible for a reward card.
  • Reward cards cannot be exchanged for anything other than the in-game reward granted, and have no individual value.
  • Reward cards cannot be given, exchanged, or transferred to another player.
  • Reward cards must be returned to the store at the end of the session.
  • *Rewards stated are for 5th Edition compatible games; check with your GM if you are playing a different system.