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Before you is a newly-formed world, a blank slate for your creation. As god of the dwarves, you aim to cover the world with mountain ranges, where your people can mine for gems and create legendary underground cities with vast halls. You will even cause some dwarves to become prophets of your glory, and inspire other peoples to follow you. But you are only one of four gods ruling this world, and your three rivals—the goddess of elves, the god of humans, and the goddess of merfolk—each have their own ambitions.

Shape seas, forests, mountains, and plains in 4 Gods, a fast-paced tile placement game for two to four players designed by Christophe Boelinger. In 4 Gods, you and your opponents simultaneously create a world’s geography and religious landscape by placing tiles, incarnating prophets, and establishing legendary cities. In the process, you’ll align yourself with the god of dwarves, the goddess of elves, the god of humans, or the goddess of the merfolk. The player whose god wields the most divine influence wins!


  • One playing area frame with scoring track
  • 92 double-sided terrain tiles
  • 56 prophet minuatures
  • Twelve tokens
  • Four god tiles and matching storage boxes
  • One 30-second timer
  • One cloth bag
  • One rulebook

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