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The Dragon Warriors game contains many extraordinary and terrifying monsters drawn from folklore, superstition, the mythology of Europe’s past, classic fantasy, and the imaginations of authors Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson. Now for the first time all the non-human races and beasts of the world of Legend are gathered under one cover. The Dragon Warriors Bestiary contains full descriptions and game-information for more than 120 of the races and species that inhabit the Lands of Legend.

The book is divided into seven sections including the man-like races, the monsters of folklore, the supernatural, strange beings created or summoned by sorcery, the inhabitants of the Abyss, and the undead in all their ghastly forms.

Be warned that the creatures of the Lands of Legend are not what you expect. The Dragon Warriors Bestiary takes classic monsters back to their roots in mythology and superstition, puts a new spin on well-worn fantasy archetypes, and introduces new races and species that will challenge and threaten your players. The rich background and atmosphere in the descriptions is perfect for building exciting adventures and rich, evocative campaign-settings.

This book also contains information on creatures’ habitats and treasure, random encounter tables for different environments, and great artwork from Jon Hodgson, Scott Purdy and Erik Wilson.