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In here are described seven adventures that may befall a traveller in the Lands of Legend, with most particular warnings for those who would venture into ruins, explore ancient barrows, or leave their abode after dark. Also here is wise counsel on how to do business with sorcerers, how to return restless spirits such as Spectres and Wights to their graves, how to get ahead with liege-lords, and how to proceed if it becomes rumoured abroad that you have in an accident killed the eldest son of a powerful baron.

Sleeping Gods is a series of seven adventures that will lead player-characters from their first steps in the world of Dragon Warriors, through atmospheric quests, tense journeys, rescue missions, trading expeditions, exploration and more. With each success their reputation rises with nobles and patrons, until at the climax they may win control of a castle that can decide the outcome of a war. Along the way they will come face-to-face with important patrons, powerful sorcerers, ancient beast-spirits, vengeful revenants, treacherous companions and terrifying monsters of many kinds... and perhaps a god too.

Compiled from the short adventures in Books 1, 2, 4 and 6 of the original books, Sleeping Gods has been re-edited and new material added to make it into a complete campaign. The book is suitable for novice gamesmasters and players, but has atmosphere, richness, depth and variety that will entertain experienced gamers too. The adventures can be played as a sequence to create a single story, or interspersed with other scenarios from different sources or the GM's imagination, or rearranged and played in any order.