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In The Hen Commandments, players are disciples of The Holy Chicken, interpreting the messages that issue forth via the medium of encoded eggs. Everyone works collaboratively to craft a new religion, while individually vying for position of best disciple.

How to Play

  • The Holy Chicken lays six eggs, each containing a word, which form a strange commandment
  • All disciples pick the theme they feel best fits the commandment: Discipline, Judgement, Compassion, Desire, Sacrifice, Purity, Tolerance, Equality
  • Those who pick a unique theme get a further minute to explain the commandment to the others
  • Those who didn't pick a unique theme act as judges for that round and award points to the most convincing disciple
  • The winner after 10 rounds gets a copy of all 10 commandments so they can start their own sect of Henninism

A party game for 3 to 8 people

Takes two minutes to learn and 45 minutes to play

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