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Long ago, Easter Island was once a vast continent ravaged by constant volcanic activity. The settlers of this land raised Moai –gigantic monolithic statues to appease the gods and mend the wounds of the land. Unfortunately, instead of healing the land, the very act of sealing off craters and geysers caused an even greater disaster to unfold…

Players in Volcanic Isle are tasked with building villages and raising Moai across the continent, each doing their best to survive and become the strongest tribe.

However, with each Moai raised, the possibility of a volcanic eruption increases! Eruptions devastate settlements and even cause whole sections of the board to sink into the sea and be removed! Strategically plan the expansion of your settlements amidst the chaos of volcanic activity with an ever-changing landscape!


Number of players: 2 - 4
For Ages: 13+
Playing Time: 45 minutes

Read the rulebook here!


  • 22 Area Boards
  • 8 Plastic Volcanoes
  • 24 Plastic Villages
  • 20 Plastic Settlers
  • 56 Plastic Moai
  • 4 Scoring Markers
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 73 Tiles
    • 26 Fissure Tiles
    • 47 Lava Tiles
  • 41 Tokens
  • 8 Volcano Tokens
  • 16 Action Point Tokens
  • 4 Boat Tokens
  • 12 Prayer Tokens
  • 1 First Player Token


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